Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Daily Fashgasm!!!!

Fashion sure to get and fashionistas senses going!!
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Designer Spotlight: DuskClothing

My weakness is alternative street fashion so when i ran upon this site i had to feature them!! This london based limited collection has the coolest tees and the sexiest models showing them off... Check them out <3
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Jewelry trends 2011

Sexiest 2011 Jewelry Trends for Women Let’s face it jewelry is one of the best ways to update an outfit and complete your look. As summer fades to an end and fall approaches it will be time to make some wardrobe changes and invest in some of the hottest 2011 jewelry fashion trends that the fall season has to offer. Fall fashion trends for jewelry consist of contrasting metals and bold colors, mismatch bracelets, chunky bubble rings, vintage pendants, and sexy feather dusters the more accessories the better :)
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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Designer Spotlight: Heather Finn

A fashion graduate of NCAD, Heather Finn specialized in Knitwear. Inspired by textiles, interiors and abstract colourists such as Howard Hodgkins and Paul Gaugain, the focus of her design has been the emotional qualities of colour and yarn. For the past 6 years, Heather has been experimenting with colour and pattern and mixing traditional methods of crochet, hand knitting and felting with machine knitting, to create her brand of vibrant knitwear. The tone, hue, balance and mixing of colour for each garment is carefully considered and put together with the intention of giving joy to the person who wears the piece. Contact:
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Accessory of the day: Cat Eyez!!

Nothing says retro like cat eye are a few styles for inspiration :)
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Guess what, ladies? Polka dots are back. As if they ever went away, right?

Polka dots say one thing to me "retro" and we all know i am the vintage freak!!! Check out these hot polka dot fashions :)
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Daily FashGasm!!!

The hottest International street fashion sure to spark the senses of all go hard fashionistas no matter where your runway's located!!
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Mary Kate & Ashley at it again....

StyleMint’s September T-Shirt Collection Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are back with a brand new collection of eight StyleMint tees for September—and is bringing you an exclusive chance to preview the lunge before it’s available. (At left, Mary-Kate’s wearing the Sharkbite Polka Dot Tee in White!) Launched in July, StyleMint is a members-only site that allows users to purchase Olsen-designed t-shirts for just $30 a month, and get styling tips straight from the twins. Click “See the Photos” for a full sneak peek! BONUS! InStyle readers can shop the September collection today! Head over to StyleMint now! —Hannah Morrill for instyle
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Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy Monday!! (Daily fashgasm!!)

Simply sexy! Courtesy of my divas at chictopia <3
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Friday, August 26, 2011

.Tokyo inspired fashion :) luvu longtime <3

I love jsf are a few fashions to die for!!!.(heads to closet to do inventory)
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Sexy casual styles courtesy of the sexy fashionistas @ FashionFreax :) <3
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