Friday, August 26, 2011

.Tokyo inspired fashion :) luvu longtime <3

I love jsf are a few fashions to die for!!!.(heads to closet to do inventory)
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Sexy casual styles courtesy of the sexy fashionistas @ FashionFreax :) <3
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Militant sexiness

With autumn / fall 2011′s fashions on the horizon, military fashion is a done and dusted look. It still crops up from time to time, but after a decade as a dominant look it now simply fails to inspire our own wardrobe choices. It does, however, continue to turn heads. And you can thank the past centuries’ skilled tailoring for that. Be it at a royal wedding or within the pages of a fashion magazine, military uniforms catch the eye. It’s for that reason that British Harper’s Bazaar magazine turns to the style for their Tough Luxe pictorial. But note here and now that it’s a jewellery pictorial. They, like us, aren’t suggesting that you take to the streets dressed in G.I. greens and hot pants, but they do have a few pieces of jewellery to recommend to you.
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New Eyecandy!! Ooh la la

( writes) Much like the ad campaign, where sass and bide’s creative design team takes the space traditionally held by models, no one attending the launch party of the sunglasses collection was spared with shying away from test modelling test the frames on the night Overhauled for the occasion, the sass and bide flagship store was revamped into a photography studio where every guest (even the serious kind) was expected to show off his or her goofy side and pose with the shades. Naturally, the fountain of champagne did much to help bring out everyone’s inner cool kid.
There isn’t a better way to feel like a celebrity than to be engulfed by camera flashes, especially when real celebrities surround you. It was more than a regular weeknight at sass and bide’s Sydney flagship store, as a fashionably cool crowd attended the launch of the sass and bide sunglasses collection.
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