Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Daily Fashgasm!!!!

Since I'm living for African Street Fashion i shall share the feeling <3 be inspired my luvs!!!!
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I've fallen in love....3 words ....African Street Fashion <3

the tribal trend has been en vogue with inspirations from Africa leading the way. For their lines, designers drew from experiences on safaris, the colors and patterns worn by traders in the markets of Marrakesh and the intricate bead-work many African women and men wear to adorn themselves Oscar de la Renta’s 2008 spring collection included raffia hats and geometric prints. Earlier this year, celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe declared that the tribal trend is very in this spring. From wooden bangles to bold African jewelry and prints, anyone can adopt this trend African Fashion Industry -Designers & Trends Africa’s influence on the global fashion industry Africa is boldly emerging and setting the trail for designers in the 21st century with its unique and colourful clothing and artistic designs. When it comes to fashion, Africans are at the epitome of their creativity. One of the most fascinating things about Africa and Africans is their vibrant and colourful clothing. The word Africa is almost synonymous with diversity. As diversified as the people, cultures and languages are, so too is the African fashion African Clothing Sponsored Links African Fashion Designers Duro Olowu: This up and coming Nigerian designer first took the fashion industry by storm in 2004 and has been designing phantasmal prints ever since. Residing in London, he draws inspiration from the architecture as well as his memories from home. His success has been so great that in 2005, before showing his clothes on any runway, he was honored as the New Designer of the Year at the British Fashion Awards and has even dressed First Lady Michelle Obama. In an interview with The Independent in London, he was quoted as saying, “My job is not about dictating to women what they should wear; it’s about presenting them with beautiful options.” On his design aesthetic, he told Vogue magazine that “good design is international. It makes sense anywhere.” His signature style consists of combining very detailed Yoruba prints with a tailored, 70s-inspired twist. In this industry of playing it safe, I would consider him the mix master, as his mixed print collections are always refreshingly unique. Here are a few lookz youre bound to fall in love with too :)
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